Employers, employees and the recruiters are bullish to understand the trends to differentiate and be visible.


Surprisingly the few trends which was predicted last year Employer branding, Talent Analytics, candidate experience management and new hiring model exploration will continue to lead. 


With more and more glass doors its increasingly difficult for recruiters to find the quality, skilled candidates to fulfil their resource needs. 


Employer Branding leads the show

More active candidates who seek the right opportunity always seek for more information to understand about the organisation and its people practices. If organisations has poor digital presence then they loose the brightest candidates. 

In a connected world the job seekers are connected well in the internet through various social and the company culture review sites. Companies are exploring ways to make candidates understand why they have to apply to work at their organisation


Recruiters are expected have robust and honest conversations about the job. It has be in detail and should cover all aspects of the opportunity (Job). Failing to adhere to the expectations of the Candidates will just make them loose the talent. 


It’s the real employees than the poster boys and girls who engage the prospective candidates. 




Exploring more places to find a perfect Candidate

A boom of apprenticeships, skill development programs at the educational institutions, in house training programs are still not meeting the needs of the recruiters. A decade old cross- industry hiring is picking up dramatically avoid loosing the potential hires by narrowed approach. 


Hiring for behaviour, culture, ability to learn and implement are replacing the skill based hiring approach. This has been derived form the posting hiring learning from the HR department which has understood that its hard to change a person’s behaviour and culture. But the skill can be changed as many times as you want. 

This has also given opportunity to explore the hiring within the organisation from cross-function. 



The buzz word Talent Analytics

As sited above the lessons learned from the past experiences are the best way to change the course of the fundamental work models. Going beyond the HR operational needs is the prime focus of the Talent Analytics. Gathering and mining the data on value of the competitors talent, Outsourced Vs hired talent, ROI on the hired resource, etc. 

 Talent Analytics builds an unbiased decision support system which can make the decision a science which is one of the major challenge for HR leaders. 

Keep watching us for the latest trends in hiring.