Automation is the new mantra of the IT world and most of the repetitive low skilled IT jobs are being automated replacing humans. Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, design thinking, internet of things, and robotics are the skills for the new age and are fast replacing old technologies. The IT jobs which required thousands of IT professionals can be completed in one go with only a few lines of code thanks to artificial intelligence and automation. The IT companies are finding these new technologies to be lucrative as less money and human interference is needed.



Renowned physicist Mr. Stephen Hawking opines that the age of automation and artificial intelligence is sure to spread unrest in the society and will affect the social structure creating economic inequality. Few people will gather huge amounts of money by adopting automation by employing fewer people and this will lead to money stagnation with the few people in the society. In India, the IT industry is responsible for $150 billion worth of exports each year and also significantly contributes to GDP. But due to automation, there will be a drastic reduction in the jobs available in IT sector.


The BPO sector will be most affected by the increased usage of bots for customer interaction. Wipro has launched its artificial intelligence platform called ‘Holmes’.  The artificial intelligence platform of Infosys is called as ‘Nia’, whereas ‘Ignio’ is the artificial intelligence platform of TCS. Hence, the top-rated IT companies are already adopting automation in their IT operations and in outsourcing operations and are hiring in fewer numbers compared to previous years.


Automation and artificial intelligence will also create jobs in the highly skilled areas of machine language, robotics, design thinking, internet of things and other fields. The IT professionals who keep updating themselves with latest IT trends will survive the wave of automation. The entire order of IT employees will be skimmed, where only the skilled creamy layer will survive and the rest need to adapt to the new age. According to a report, the hiring by biggies in the IT industry like Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, HCL Technologies, and others are reduced by 38% in the year-ago period. The fields like applications testing, system administration, technical support, and back-office maintenance are to witness rapid automation.


Automation & artificial intelligence will surely give a new direction to the Indian IT industry and are inevitable in the current scenario. The IT professionals should update themselves in the industry relevant skills and should move hand in hand with automation and artificial intelligence.