Infosys COO U.B.Pravin Rao denied reports of mass layoffs and said the minuscule layoffs are due to annual appraisal process to weed out bottom performers. He said that Infosys is planning to hire 20,000 techies this year. New technologies in the IT sector has opened up new avenues and hence, Infosys is in look out for employees well versed in new talents and skill set.


Only around 300 to 400 people have been laid-off as a part of the annual appraisal process and these are the bottom performers or non-performers. Mr.Rao said that Infosys is the largest exporter of IT and it is adding more jobs, more people and is sending out few people based only on performance.



It has to be noted that Wipro, TCS, Cognizant and other IT companies are also laying off employees and they have coined this as annual appraisal process for getting rid of non-performers. But the people in the industry are worried regarding the rumor that thousands of techies are going to lose jobs in a foray. But the industry bigwigs are brushing off, saying that these are just rumors.


TCS which is a major player in the IT industry has given employment to 2.5 lakhs people in the last three years and is planning to hire nearly 20,000 techies this year. The IT industry is already facing obstacles like taxes, stricter work permit regimes in U.S, U.K, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Hence the mass layoffs come as a shocking news to employees.


Regarding mass layoffs, various employee unions have approached labor commissioners and state governments to intervene in the matter. But the reputed IT companies are still saying that the news of mass layoffs are overstated.


Infosys COO Mr. U.B.Pravin Rao again reasserts that, Infosys has hired 20,000 IT professionals last year and hence will surely hire 20,000 employees this year. He added that in the first half of the year Infosys may add 10,000 IT professionals to its workforce. Hence, I want to usher in that there is still a ray of hope for IT job seekers in India and there should be no room for panic.


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