The IT professionals who have just finished B.Tech and are dreaming of getting a fancy job in an MNC may get cold shoulders from IT companies. The need of the day is an additional M.Tech degree and related specialization. Gone are the days when the IT companies used to hire freshers and train them on required IT skills and then depute them for Java developer jobs, network administrator jobs, machine learning jobs and others. But due to cut throat competition, the economic slowdown in U.S and U.K, H1B visa issue and other obstacles the IT companies are already running on a rough patch. They want ready to work experts and do not have the money and time to train the freshers.


In IT sector, coding is one more field which requires continuous practice. Hence, the budding IT professionals must opt for M.Tech in a specialization and can take extra coding classes to hone their skills. The reputed IT companies look for multiple programming skills in the job aspirants. Automation and artificial intelligence are already overtaking the Fresher IT jobs like manual testing jobs and automation testing jobs, system administration jobs, and others. Therefore the freshers in the IT domain must be experts in programming, competent and should be post- graduates if they have to survive in the current IT job market.


M.Tech courses are available at all renowned IIT’s, Regional Engineering Colleges and Universities. The M.Tech aspirants must write the GATE exam. A higher ranking will assure you selected courses like M.Tech in Information Technology, M.Tech in Computer Science, M.Tech in Electronics & Computer Science and other related domains. M.Tech in Robotics, M.Tech in A.I, M.Tech in Information Security are the technologies of new age and the IT freshers can plan a career with fortunes having these post-graduation degrees.


Salary paid for freshers is very nominal even after all these years of IT dominance. The IT companies have made a pact on this as to not increase the entry level salary for IT freshers because the demand at entry level is less and the supply is more. The entry level salary for IT professionals was 2.25 lakh about two decades ago and has only risen to 3.5 lakh now, which is a phenomenal decrease in real wages considering inflation-adjusted perspective.


Hence, considering the overwhelming obstacles in the path of an IT fresher job seeker, the IT professional must be M.Tech if they want to expect a competitive salary. I am of the opinion that the fresher techies must be versatile, expert and confident in their field of specialization and then only they can survive in the outside IT job world.

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