Machine learning is the learning by machines regarding doing complex tasks by observing examples. Machines are able to understand images, predict preferences, recognize human speech, diagnose diseases and do various other complex tasks. With more connectivity, increased processing capacity and complex algorithms, today machines can do various tasks which were beyond their capacity before. There is a growing fear among people that Machines will take over the jobs of humans and leave only a few highly skilled people in the job market. Jobs for machine learning are lucrative for job seekers.


Benefits of Machine Learning

Machine learning combined with modern learning techniques and advanced neurosciences is opening up new verticals for research, analysis, predictions and is providing results which were way beyond human reach earlier. Some of the examples being recommender systems. Image and video tagging and automatic grading in academic exams and tests. The results are much accurate and provide a solid base for Scientific study. Machine learning jobs are different from traditional jobs like network administrator jobs, dot net developer jobs, system administrator jobs, senior analyst jobs and others.


Why Should India Excel in Machine Learning?

Machine learning satisfies the following criteria:

  1. It can have a huge impact on business and economy in India.

  2. New scientific results not known to humanity before are being unearthed.

  3. It can solve local problems like poverty and social development at low cost.

  4. The primary skills needed like math and analytical skills are imbibed in the DNA of Indians.

  5. It will pave way for disruptive innovations in the next decade.

  6. Machine learning does not need any infrastructure and has a very low waiting period.


Position of India in the world in Machine Learning

The research in machine learning in India is clustered and confined to few IITs. The research papers produced by India in a year amounts to only 745 considering all ML conferences, whereas China comes out with 3956 research papers whereas for U.S it is as high as 19,000+. Hence we are really far behind in machine learning in the modern day world.


I want to conclude by saying that India must invest more time and money in doing innovations in machine learning. The IT professionals must update themselves in machine learning by taking up ML courses and should join hands in world’s ML innovations and can opt for a lucrative and bright career option. For latest IT jobs click on the below button:



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