A job search involves a series of tasks which has to be carried out meticulously. This has nothing to do with the function in which you work or the level of your experience this could change your life.



Ambiguity and uncertainty exists until we understand the process of job search and the stakeholders involved in it so that the scope of errors are reduced. We also have to understand their intentions and interpretation techniques to make it effective.


There are few prime factors which are assessed in any interview process:

  • Skills
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Fitment to the current opportunity (Company, role and team)
  • Communication


The above order might change based on the company’s culture which you can understand by interacting with the employees over there in social media. 


You have to draft (Prepare not fake it because you will fail when you fake it)  a best possible answer to make people understand clearly that you are best fitment to the requirement. This means you should analyse how and what you have performed tasks in your current or past roles which would actually help you to excel in the current opportunity. 


What is your contribution in the major achievements around you in your current or last job? How did it make an impact in the organisation and how that will help for your future job? This will help the interviewer to understand how significant your contribution could be for the role. 



Value discovery:


It's not just what you did in the past its also about how you explain it to make the interviewer understand the same. 


The organisations that are looking for someone like you in terms of skills, experience and culture. 


Find your own fitment with respect to Industry, Employee strength of the organisation (headcount), whether you fit in for product or service organisations?,  what kind of role will make great? , Etc.



Brand you:

Its important to craft your own brand message to stand out from the crowd Apart from your experience, education and skills focus on various other activities like new initiatives, learning new technology and pioneering it before others in the team.


There is a very simple and complex question which you have to understand is “Tell me about Yourself. This is not about who and what you are (Education, experience, etc.) its all about how you are there. This could be a one-liner which should be like a tag line for your own CV.



Keywords in your CV:


Every recruiters inbox is bombarded with resumes for the open requirements. This actually gives very less chances for them to look at your resume/CV in detail. There plays a major role in keywords. You have to understand that the recruiter is going to look for major keywords which will prove that you would have performed the job which will meet the role needs.