offers suitable Job opportunity along with a Joining Bonus before the end of the candidate’s notice period.  


We bring down the costs for Employers by avoiding last minute dropouts, minimizing bench resources and upfront cost for job portals. Transparency in the process, a dashboard to handle multiple requirements and manage the same are additional benefits to the Employers.


We get job requirements from multiple companies and match it automatically based on skills and thus inform the verified candidates. The main salient features are the option of up to 25% of offered first month’s salary as joining bonus and the transparency in the hiring process. 





If you don’t have to keep the bench resources think how much time, efforts, resources and money your organization saves. Now, login to to fill the most critical positions at the shortest possible time. We have engineered the system that helps to minimize the offer to joining failures. You can get the candidates join at the time you could have never expected before.  


MJB doesn’t have any subscription charges in the enrolment process - Usage of this portal is free for all Companies. Charges applied to flat 8.33% only when the identified and offered candidate joins the Organisation through the portal.


The uniqueness of MJB is the ability to fill positions through active engagement with the Job Seekers.

 My Joining Bonus also validates the authenticity of the information provided by the candidates.



Key Features: 


  • Registration FREE for Both Employees & Company
  • Multiple Login Access  to all the branches
  • Tracking system of the candidates from the day of registration till the time of onboarding
  • Validated Candidate database 




Job Seekers


MJB is the only Portal that Rewards Job Seekers with the JOINING BONUS. Since My Joining Bonus is Free Portal to Companies, Your Profile gets Directly Accessed by Companies, Thus increases your visibility by multiple times.  We focus on getting critical requirements on board so that you could get on-boarded as soon as your notice period is over.  


MJB is an end-to-end recruitment portal which encourages, motivates and rewards Job Seekers on prior commitment on joining an Organisation. MJB helps Candidates in expediting the process of getting a job and helps 100% on-boarding.


Key Features:


  • Increased Visibility of your Profile 
  • On-time Interview Feedback 
  • Dedicated Recruitment Relationship Specialist 
  • Up to 25% of offered first month’s salary as joining bonus 
  • We are genuinely interested in building a career so we will explore all possibilities to generate suitable job offers for you through “My Joining Bonus”.