Indian millennials are those people born between 1980 and 2000 in India, who have spent their adulthood in the new millennium in India. The millennials are different from other generations in the way of thinking and working. Hence the recruitment approach towards the millennials should also be unique. The millennials are technology driven generation and hence the recruitment process for appointing them should be cutting edge modern and realistic. Millennials are more attracted to job boards and modern career sites and they try their best in these channels. Let us see how the recruitment process should be there for recruiting new millennials in IT industry:


A Strong Job Description

The recruiters should devise elaborate job description, which tells about the responsibilities of the job aspiring candidate and should also tell regarding benefits and facilities provided by the company. Millennials always want information at the tip of their finger and as they are well connected, they expect the JD to be completely informative. If it is a career portal, then millennials want everything regarding a job online.


A Quick Process of Hiring

The millennials are very focused and they know how to value time. Hence a hassle free and simple hiring process will make the day for millennials. The application part in any career portal must be simple and to the point. There should be back to back rounds of general, technical and HR interview rounds depending on the stages cleared by a candidate. The Millennials will also be enthralled if any senior member of the managerial team is on the interview panel.


Benefits from Company

Along with job security millennials also want constant mentoring programs and handsome salary from the company which they are joining. Holidays, time off and flexible work environment also attract millennials to a company. Hence the recruiter should clearly convey this information regarding the above to the job-seeking millennials.


Challenging Work Environment

The Millennials also check whether a company has a challenging work environment, where they can showcase their talents and grow along with the challenges. The millennials are open to learning and experimentation. They are very keen on learning new skills as a part of their job to enroll in skill development programs in their office. Hence the recruiters must inform the millennials regarding the same.


Technology Driven Hiring

Millennials are a generation who are depending on their laptops, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets for a living. Hence the hiring process must be technology driven and can be accessed by mobile, desktop and other modern devices. The career sites must be optimized for mobiles, PC, laptop and others. The hiring process must make use of an automated software which will increase the quality of hiring.


Hiring Through Social Media

The generation of millennials is a modern and hi-tech generation, who are active through all channels of social media. The millennials are all over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels. Hence tracking of these millennials in the social network can be fruitful for recruiters in filling up a given IT position. These millennials will also be backed by strong professional connections they have.


Hence, I believe millennials are a valuable asset to any given IT company in India. The recruiters should make full use of the high potential of this generation. This generation needs to be nurtured and fuelled in right direction to achieve individual goals, which would contribute to the overall development of our country.


Information Technology is a modern sector in the employment field requiring expertise at different levels. The various subjects coming under IT are categorized as Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Web Development, UI Development, Application Development, Information Security and much more. In India, IT is the most tax fetching sector, which significantly contributes to the GDP of our country. IT exports make up a major part of our global exports and IT is also one of the largest job providing sectors in India. Job seekers will be constantly looking out for lucrative job opportunities in the IT field depending on their skill. Let us see, which IT skills will fetch a good job opportunity for a job seeker in 2017.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is at the top of the list with everything in day to day life increasingly becoming dependent on cloud computing. APIs, SaaS, Internet of Things and software based platforms are finding their way into managing hotels, business enterprises, education tools, information security and many other fields. If you have updated yourself in cloud computing skills, there are a large number of opportunities knocking at your door in India.


User Interface Design

In the digitized world, more and more business owners are targeting at customer satisfaction. Hence the IT professionals well versed with user interface designing will be in great demand in coming years. As user interface design is directly related to user experience, it will contribute to building the company reputation. Hence job seekers can update themselves with UI design skills to make most out of the boom.


Web Development

With globalization, businesses have understood the need of updating their portfolio according to the technological trends. Companies have learned that having an up to date website is an imperative to attract customers, clients and investors. Hence the IT professionals, who are well-versed with latest web development techniques will increasingly draw the attention of employers. Web development is one of the top skills on the list to rule in 2017 according to LinkedIn.


Storage System & Management

The companies are having large amounts of data in their data warehouses and they need professionals to manage their storage and derive useful results from them to make business decisions. Job seekers well versed with the storage system and management are in high demand in 2017. It is ranked as one of the top skills in India in 2017 by LinkedIn.


Data Mining & Statistical Analysis

With the advancement of technology, the companies are collecting heaps of data based on sales, customer feedback, and other aspects. The companies involved in retail, finance, marketing and communication sectors will benefit the most from data mining and statistical analysis. Based on the analysis of data, the companies take management decisions, which will fuel the company's growth. If the job aspirant is well versed with data mining skills along with statistics, then that job seeker will be in high demand in 2017.


Network & Information Security

Network security breach and hacking have lately become a menace to growing companies in IT sector. The latest cyber-attacks on sony, target, and others have initiated a necessity for recruitment of cybersecurity professionals to solve the problem. Reputed companies are hiring well-equipped hackers to test their network and information security protocols. With cybercrime emerging at the top, there will be high demand for network and information security professionals in 2017.


IT Architecture

Job seekers who are well versed in IT architecture are in high demand at present in India. IT architects or Enterprise architects are those, who device IT solutions for companies to meet their goals and requirements within a given budget. An IT architect understands the IT infrastructure of a company very well. In 2017, IT architecture is one of the top skills getting more employment opportunities.



Knowledge of python, which is a programming language is an added advantage to a programmer. Python requires less coding and produces faster results compared to Java. There are various open resources to help python user. The skill of python language is going to fetch good job opportunities for a job seeker in 2017.


Programming/ Application Development

Coders or application developers are behind the working of many products and websites. A car has millions of codes written for its manufacturing. Knowledge of HTML and Java are added advantage for a coder. Hence programming is a top skill, companies look out for in candidates in 2017.


Project Management

With the increase in IT related operations, IT projects are getting bigger and difficult to manage. Hence there is an increasing need for project managers. Project managers need to have managerial skills along with basic technological know-how. Though it doesn't come directly under IT, it is categorized under IT. There will be more demand for project managers in 2017.


These are some of the top skills that will be in demand in 2017. Job seekers must decide their area of expertise and move in the required field to get a good job opportunity. Each of these skills has its own inherent characteristic and relevance in the case of IT professionals. So, dear job seekers, I want you to become an expert in one of these skills and get a good job opportunity and achieve success in your life.

The recruitment in IT sector is a specialized and complex process based on sourcing, analyzing, matching and onboarding an able candidate, who is perfect for the given role. With an advancement of science and technology, their influence is inevitable on the recruitment front. The dynamics of hiring are continuously changing and are imbibing latest technological trends. Following are the top trends in hiring, which will rule in 2017:


Hiring when required

Hiring on the basis of need is the need of the time. The immediate hiring process calls for agile recruitment processes, creative sourcing models and mapped assessments. The startups are putting a foundation to these new hiring trends. It is going to affect campus hiring drives in the near future, where hiring will be done based on need and skills.


Recruitment based on skills

The new trend of hiring is based on skills that the candidate has as against the traditional formal education requirement. The companies are looking for more talented candidates with more than one IT skills and are not adamant on the requisite of background education. This opens a new arena for skill trained candidates and brings in more candidates into the ambit.


Scope for ready talent

Previously, the companies used to intake fresh candidates from colleges and train them and deploy. But the scenario has changed, the companies are emphasizing on ready to work candidates, which will save time and money for the concerned companies. The scenario has opened up new avenues for training institutes and technology ready colleges, which produce ready to work talent.


Curated List of Candidates

A precursor for a quick hiring process is sourcing job profiles from a curated list of candidates. The curated list consists of those candidates, who have cleared the first round of interview and were shortlisted for a particular job description. These curated lists prove to be beneficial in sourcing profiles for other similar job requirements. For bulk hiring in big IT firms, this method can be a game changing strategy.


Referral from employees

Employee referral is an effective tool in achieving successful recruitment in companies. The employee referrals will be of high quality as the employee’s reputation in the company will be at stake. Employees should be paid some incentive or any gift for a successful referral and they should be given the responsibility of initial screening before referring. This will also reduce the hiring time.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Even reputed IT companies are outsourcing their recruitment process to an external recruitment agency. This process not only saves money and time for the companies but also enables recruitment from, experts in the domain. In some cases, companies manage the hiring process in U.S by deploying recruiters in India office in a US shift. More variations of RPO can be seen in 2017.


Recruiting from competitors

The new trend is appointing the candidates from competitor companies. Ready to work candidates mean saving money, time and resources. Experienced employees are vigilant and good in resolving problems faced by organizations. Right fitment to required positions results in the longer continuation of employees in the concerned companies.


Technology based recruiting

Recruiting using algorithm based portals, using data crawling and video interview based selections are some technological trends of modern recruiting that are picking up this year. Use of automated software in hiring will speed up the recruitment process and will increase the quality of hiring. Tracking behaviour and skills in social media, to onboard multi-talented candidates, is also an evolving trend.


Role of social media in hiring

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can be effectively used in IT recruitment to source talented candidates. The candidates, in this case, are backed by a large number of connections and can be considered as reliable job aspirants. Social media hiring is an upcoming trend to look out for in 2017.


Recruitment in IT sector is evolving day by day and is growing by adopting modern trends in hiring. I want to conclude by saying that the recruiters must always be updated with these new hiring trends if they want to execute a game changing recruitment process.

IT giants like Wipro, TCS, Infosys and other companies have always relied upon their company name and reputation for hiring best talents in the IT industry. The skilled IT people always look out for career growth, good remuneration, conducive work environment and easy commuting, while making their career change decision. The smaller IT companies have a hard time in searching for the right talent for their vacant positions. Hence, the IT companies must plan a strategy to attract employees to their organization to ensure the overall growth of the company. Let us see which of the factors impress a candidate to join a company:


Brand value of the company

The given IT company must support a brand value built strongly over the work reputation of the company. The company must keep its websites up to date. A prospective search regarding the company must be analyzed to find out what it exactly shows when the job aspirants look out for the company. The company should have strong work ethics and a supportive work environment and a lot of scope for career growth.


When the candidate is mentored

The employees in IT sector are constantly on a learning spree and they will be updating their skills due to frequent developments in software. Hence the job aspirants will be expecting training programs and guidance from senior staff in sharpening their skills. Only such companies which promise constant mentoring will attract more job aspirants. The current employee reviews and word of mouth will advertise regarding the company’s mentoring policies.


When the candidate is challenged

In IT sector, continuous innovation and growth are key to success. Hence the job aspirants prefer a challenging work environment, that will help them to grow. More challenges in the IT projects mean requirement of higher expertise and calls for highly skilled labour. This creates lucrative job opportunities for job aspirants in IT sector.


When the candidate is paid well

As IT industry requires highly skilled and technically sound people, the remuneration expected is also high. If the candidate is paid according to one’s ability and expectations, the candidate will join the concerned company. The candidate should also be given timely hikes so that the candidate will continue in the company for a long time.


When the candidate is promoted

Hierarchy in IT sector is evident in the working cadre depending on the skills and work experience. The candidate should be scientifically assessed for one’s technical abilities, team leading skills, communication skills and mentoring skills, in order to promote the candidate to a higher cadre. If there is an information in the job market regarding good promotion policies for the employees in a company, then there are more chances of the particular company attracting more job aspirants.


When the candidate is valued and appreciated

Appreciation for good work is a basic craving for any person in his work environment. The valued appraisal in IT sector means a lot and does wonders to a person’s career growth. Hence, candidates are attracted to such companies, where they are often appreciated for good work and are valued for their worth.


When the candidate is empowered and trusted

The candidate should have complete access to one’s rights and duties in the concerned company. The candidate must be empowered to exercise one’s rightful decisions for the betterment of the company and must be completely trusted in doing so.


Location of the company

The company should be strategically located and should have good infrastructure and commute system surrounding it. In many cases, the employee will be willing to relocate to the area, in which the company is, provided that the area has good living conditions.


Being vigilant about the various criteria for joining a particular company is imperative in case of job aspiring candidates. The companies should also devise policies, provide good work atmosphere and nurture the talents in the employees if they want to attract the vast talent pool available in the present job market. So, I am of the view that attracting quality talent is a must from a company’s point of view and the companies should always be trying for the same.