Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Job Seekers

My Joining Bonus is trying to build a bridge between employee and employer. At every stage we are providing confidence to HR Managers that the candidate is genuine and ethical. All the requested documents are optional, feel free to upload whichever makes you comfortable.

Yes, you are still eligible for 10% by making profile standard, updating preference and freezing an offer before 7 days of your joining date.

Until we understand your job criteria we cannot help you with the kind of job you are looking. To map your requirements, we want all the details.

Don't worry, you are not being stopped with registration, go ahead and complete the process, not to worry about the documents that you need to upload, all are optional & you can come back and upload anytime.

Once you get placed through our portal and receive your bonus we will send you the confirmation, after which your profile will get deactivated from the portal.

No, our portal algorithm highlights profiles based on the completion & professional criteria. We request you to complete all the required details to accelerate job search.

By verifying your email, mobile number & entering pan details with profile completion rate of 70% will make system automatic activation of your profile to standard mode.

Currently, we do not have this feature, but we intend to have it in the future to continue the good relationship with you.

No, we will inform you company names who have taken your details and in case one of those companies offers you a job, only then you will be eligible for the bonus. In some cases, companies claim that your profile is a duplicate entry for them. In such a case, we will inform you in advance about such companies where you will not be eligible for the joining bonus.

No, but this will help the employers to decide and give you a better offer.

We prefer you to continue for as long with the company as possible, but as a mandate, the minimum required period is 90 days.

No, we do not share any of the documents with any of the companies. Our internal team will verify them.

No, there is no such limitation.

The portal is designed in such a way that based on the completion rate of the profile, it will be more visible to the HR managers.

There are no extra fines or charges. The candidate has to only pay back the bonus received from our portal. We have a 24/7, toll-free help line to assist you.

Our portal is only for the direct organizations. Before giving portal access to the companies we check the background of the company and do not allow access to consultancies.

No, our portal does not pay joining bonus to fresher however it still allows the employer to find your profile. The portal's service is free to employers which increases the visibility of your profile to a larger group.

Make sure you have mentioned right primary & secondary skills and also complete your job preference page, it will help our analytics to refer your profile to accurate company's search.


Because our portal helps you in expediting the process of closing the position and helps 100% on-boarding of active job seekers.

The portal is an end-to- end recruitment portal which encourages, motivates and rewards the candidate on prior commitment on joining your Organization.

Our portal is an ethical business venture. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of the candidate and hence, to avoid any malpractice, the documents are kept confidential.

As we provide them a guaranteed joining bonus, as well as place them in a good company, it is very likely that candidates will prefer our portal.